Being born with a proclivity for colors and forms that constitute the visual world, I find great happiness to be among fellow-artists that are committed to bring our invisible selves by way of studio works to all others that are on different paths of life. Our contribution, jointly as artists, is to enrich others with our sensitivities, visual or spiritual, that are unique in us, by birth and/or by training.  

'The Scream' of Edvard Munch; the letters of Van Gogh to his brother; the night walks along the hillside paths from the Skowhegan School Library back to the cottages; Wassily Kandinsky's first encounter with Monet's painting, "Haystacks," that liberated in him the independent power of colors, line, shapes, planes and forms from subject matters; the paper, crayons, clipboard and myself sketching alone by the roadside; after the closing of an art critique session in late night at New York Studio School, to go on foot to fetch a place for food along the unsafe turns of streets in NY City; the intense bond between the violin and Julia Fischer and her mastery over the instrument; all have sustained a fire in me to act and to paint above womanhood and motherhood. The latter, interesting enough, has enriched me and secured the basis of my confidence in professionalism.  

Here is my invitation to the public: Come to us, the visual artists, dancers, poets, writers, playwrights, musicians, and story tellers.  Together, we will form a shade to shelter you from the heat and weariness of life. Together in this sanctuary, we shall hear the birds’ happy mating, share the breeze of renewal, and bathe in the warmth of the fragrant earth.