Anna Nechai Artist Bio

Anna Nechai is Ukrainian, was born and lives in Kyiv (Kiev, Ukraine). She has PhD in Law and mathematics, Master Degree in Psychology.

Anna is a self-taught artist. For the past 20 years she has worked as a psychological counsellor for the individuals applying art therapy and as an international legal/business consultant for governments and private businesses in Ukraine, Armenia, Romania, Croatia and other countries. She delivers lectures in universities and has published more than 10 books on professional topics including art with associated essays.  

While working as a psychological counsellor, she invented Psychotherapeutic art collages. These collages, made for her clients, combine proportions, colours and visual subjects. Her collages harmonize energy, create peaceful and positive feelings and can be seeing as Anna's first art which combine knowledge of psychological science and visual art.

Later, Anna started making 3D picture-installations using mixed natural materials from daily life of Ukraine: burlap, flax and hemp fiber, dyed raw wool, beads, ropes and other materials and objects. She believes these unprocessed materials are rich with the raw energy of the Earth and the Universe. 

The basic purpose of Anna's art remains the same in all forms she applies: a harmonizing influence on the feelings, emotions, energy of viewers in any environment where her art finds its ultimate place.