Anna Nechai Artist Statement

I came to art from a psychology. I used art objects as a part of the healing process which helped my clients to be more positive, balanced and happy in their everyday life.  

All art is about evoking, reflecting, channeling and supporting the full range of powerful emotions. In fact, it is our emotions and emotional resonance that gives us the intense pleasure from art in all its forms. I use this extreme power of the art as a transformation tool that supports us in the often difficult journey from dark feelings and negative energy to the higher levels of energies with positive, light, happy, harmonious and affirmative life experiences.

I create artworks using materials with rich texture. I have found that most of us respond deeply and easily to the simple, natural materials I use -- burlap, wool, yarn, rope, wood and stones -- materials that hark back to simpler times and more basic life patterns. But I also include modern materials so that the completed art works serve as a bridge from the natural world to all aspects of everyday life.

I use vibrant colors that reflect primordial energy and primitive emotions. By addressing timeless rather than topical themes I attempt to enroll the viewer in placing everyday life in a deeper context that emphasizes beauty and balance. 

Each of my works includes multiple focal zones which gives a message: there are always many ways how to look at and to see our life; there are always multiple points of views, and in any life situation we have more then one road to choose. 

With multiple layers, combinations of bright colors and different materials I want to provoke viewers into creating their own harmony and balance from the contradictory materials and structure that surround us. This, I believe, supports viewers' pursuits of the harmonious life and helps in generating positive, life affirming energy to replace destructive forces which divert us from achieving internal balance and happiness.