For Bjorn Malm, the human body does not simple provide subject material: it also becomes one of his tools as an artist. One of his signature techniques involves applying his paint directly to bodies, and using them as prints on his canvas, taking advantage of beards and breasts, among other body parts, to makes bold graphic patterns. Those patterns are placed against densely textured backgrounds that use such techniques as pain drips or shadowy spray paint to give each image an immediate physical presence and a sense of three-dimensional space. The contrast between the human forms and their abstract environments results in paintings that work on several levels at once. 

Working in materials from acrylics to sugar, glue and plastic, on both paper and canvas, Malm creates a world that combines the directness of street art with a refined sensitivity tot he dynamics of color and a balanced approach to composition. His paintings provide us with an unusually direct connection to their subjects, while also bringing the artist's vision alive

Lately Malm have started expaned his creations and even started with sculptures. In plastic and glasfibre he give live and feelings at bodies. Letting faces and bodies growing from inside and out fole the eye but at the same time have the other side in raw motion.