Chenlin Cai蔡陈林, Born in Fujian in 1984, now lives in Beijing and Philadelphia. Cai received his MFA from two of the renowned universities in fine arts. The Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Many Chinese artists studying & living aboard believe that western abstracts dominate the contemporary landscape, they must abandon their tradition to cater to the art markets, the result is often disappointing.

Cai immerses in the conflict of these two different art cultures, and art environments did the opposite. He did no compromise, following only his instinct and vision, combining the best of his traditional training as a classical artist and his unorthodox use of paint on non-traditional materials and surface, experimenting with multi-media expression, Cai had successfully created his unique painting style using cellular structure and X-ray landscape. The result is a highly acclaimed collection sort by collectors.

In his mushroom cloud series, he employs traditional oil materials on top of contemporary chemical production-plexiglass. The subject of his painting illustrates visual narratives about relationships between humans and their environment, historical moments and contemporary events.

In the X-ray landscape series, Cai visually expresses the effects of catastrophic events on the human body beautifully and poetically.

Cai's work cannot define as paintings or sculptures in the context of contemporary art. His vast and diverse body of works changes as Cai emerging into a mature artist. His creative vision remains focused on the social reality of China and the current humanitarian crisis worldwide.


2015-2017 MFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2007-2010 MFA, Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, China       

2003-2007 BFA, Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, China     

Teaching and Profession

2017 Lecturer, Oil painting workshop, Plastic Club, Philadelphia, USA             

2017 Teaching Assistant, After School Program, Pennsylvania Academy  of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2017 Teaching Assistant, Portrait and Content, Pennsylvania Academy  of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2012-2013 Lecturer, Beijing City University, Beijing, China                      

2011-2016 Art consultant, Fengyatang Gallery, Zhongshan City, China                  

2010-2014 Art instructor, Chuangdian Space Cultural and Education Institution,  Beijing, China

2004-2010 Art Director, Yuanheng Art Training Institute, Beijing China                 

2004-2016 Private Art Tutor, China

2012 Educational consultant, the university entrance exam seminar, Jingshan High School, Hubei

2007 Illustrator, Youth Observation Magazine, Beijing, China