I create Digital Art using the most advanced 3DCG techniques. I believe that the new state-of-the-art 3DCG give me the opportunity to create New Art that has never been done before.

"Encounter by chance" is my creative concept. I am always trying to incorporate " encounter by chance " into my artworks and in my art making process.


I like “Surrealism”'. I am especially attracted to the artworks of Max Ernst and Hans Bellmer. They lived through World War I, 100 years ago, and recognized the limits of the pursuit of rationalism. They looked for clues to solve it through the unconsciousness like psychologist Freud.

I believe that the way to actively incorporate coincidence into art is present in my works. The act itself of grasping chance as a coincidence is the unconscious expression.


The 3D digital world in which I create works is full of opportunities to encounter by chance. It is like a generator that makes synchronicity between my reality and subconscious. The further process of grasping and adding more imagination to the accidental scene encountered by chance and inflating the image through trial and error is a very attractive and creative process for me.


I am always trying to create strange space that no one has ever seen while creating art by using the latest computer technology. I believe that the use of Digital Work has sharpened my art creations and given depth and strangeness to my works.