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Rising to the Stars by Ekatherina S. (Space A)

Reception on February 8th from 4pm to 6pm.

From Ekatherina S.

Astrological signs.

All ancient religions believed in the connection between stars and human destiny. They built temples according the directions of the sky. The stars-orientated observatories allowed the ancient people to know the position of planets, stars and the signs of Zodiac. They believed that every one of the 12 signs is an expression of the cosmic consciousness for the different months of the moon calendar. They believed in reincarnation and the eternity of the soul. Each soul will be reincarnated in each astrological sign to learn the all aspects of life.

Hindu, Chinese, Mayan, Egyptian, Babilonian and Kabbalistic astrologists were excellent astronomer and mathematician.  The astronomer, Kepler who created  the Horoscope took it very seriously..

I believe that we can receive a lot of understanding for ourselves, our family and friends by studying the true meaning of the astrological signs. We can achieve happiness, harmony and fulfillment by having compassion and love for ourself and people around us.

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