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"Cosmic Consciousness"

A Solo Exhibition

"Cosmic Consciousness"

by Laura McClanahan

Reception November 4th 6 - 8 PM


     Ashok Jain Gallery is pleased to present Laura McClanahan in the solo exhibition, “Cosmic Consciousness.” Adopted at birth to her family in Los Angeles, CA, and then at five moving to the East Coast, she found herself at an early age on a spiritual quest to understand her origins and human evolution through photographing nature as a way of orienting herself in the world. This led to a career teaching organic architecture informing her exploration of sacred geometry and the universal truths in natural patterns. Upon meeting her birth family in 2002 and seeing her birth father’s psychedelic paintings, she was inspired to get her MFA degree in Studio Art and transition from photography and teaching to painting that she then knew was in her genetics.

Laura McClanahan’s new paintings for “Cosmic Consciousness” explore the metaphor of water and light patterns to our patterns of thought and behavior. She believes that we can be aware of being in the flow or not and learn what is blocking our way. The artist states, “Noticing the synchronicity occurring around you can guide you though life with a sense of wonder and magic.” She performs in a weekly sacred sound healing meditation with her planetary chakra drums and flower of life gong that influences her state of serenity so she can be in a creative flow and feel connected to the universe.


The healing frequencies can be seen in her constructed cosmic universe of spirals, circles and flow patterns. Her paintings are created during a meditation as she pours paint outside so that the energy of the sunlight becomes a part of the painting as it dries. The work energetically calls in a cosmic scalar field by the generous use of earthly elements such as gold and quartz crystals imbedded in the resin in her paintings. This literal cosmic force changes the ions in the air and creates a beneficial environment around the paintings.


This is Ms. McClanahan’s first solo exhibition at Ashok Jain Gallery opening Wednesday, November 2nd and continuing through Sunday, November 27th, 2016. An artist’s reception will be held Friday, November 4th, 6-8 p.m.


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