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New Arts Prospect from Japan IV "Creative Whisper"


Ashok Jain Gallery Presents

SPECIAL SUMMER ANNUAL EXHIBITION series: “ Artists from Japan ”  

Ashok Jain Gallery is pleased to present a rich collection of Japanese artworks in their annual summer group exhibition series, “New Arts Prospect from Japan IV 2017” and a selected artist's solo show. The series is in its fourth year and will present emerging and established artists from Japan. Ashok Jain Gallery has been holding this exhibition series with the purpose of introducing Japan Arts, from traditional to contemporary, into the New York City art scene.

The first solo artist, Yuuki Kobayashi, is having his 2nd solo show in the gallery. He mixes traditional and contemporary style of art, incorporating calligraphic motifs in more modern works. He incorporates traditional Japanese symbols, such as the crane, into his work as well. Some of his ceramic works have even been gifted to world leaders at the 2016 Ise Shima Summit in Japan. His passion for peace and use of traditional Japanese art truly make his works unique! We are very excited to present him at Ashok Jain Gallery this summer.


“ New Arts Prospect from Japan IV: Creative Act ”

Part 1: July 26 (Wed.) – August 6 (Sun.) 2017

Opening reception : July 27 (Thu.) 6-8pm

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Sunday 12 6 pm

Featuring (in spaces A and C):

Chikako Nunome / Chizuko Ninomiya / Hisae Nishiguchi

 Hisayuki Doi / Joshua / Kosuke Motohashi

Kyoko Miyamoto / Machiko Koike

Mayumi Saikaiya / Miho Takai / Miwako Kashiwagi

Monzo Watanabe / Morihiro Okamoto / Naoko Shisa

 Natsui Masuda / Osamu Miyamoto / Tomomi Sato / Yuko Kokubun

Featuring (in space B):

Yuuki Kobayashi "Crystal Verse - Release"

Earlier Event: July 5