Sylvie Gedda

From Russian, German and Italian grandparents, she works and resides in France in the New Aquitaine region.

Her work is based on a solid training: school of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Sorbonne University in Paris, graduate of the Academic Institute of Paris, Academic Knight of the Academy Internazionale Gréci Marino.

After several years of work on the paint paste (colour manufacturing: pigments, linseed oil), her work turned to a research on depth, transparencies and light effects.

Her preferred medium has naturally become synthetic glass (100 x 100 cm plates often worked on both sides) She replaced linseed oil by epoxy resin, allowing her to install her works outdoors.
Since the end of 2015, strong to this experience, a return to the canvas has become essential, but with epoxy resin.

She was rewarded in April 2016 by winning the 1st prize at the RankArt abstract painting exhibition (650 submissions)
She has found on canvas all the impalpable and evanescence of diaphanous colours posed in fluid films in mastered movements where the feminine forms, full and round, reach their climax.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous salons (Grand Palais, Beaubourg Centre in Paris; international exhibitions in Greek, Turkish, Finnish, Swiss, Italian, European and French) but also in numerous galleries in France, the Caribbean and abroad.
She was a guest at the Auditorio de Gondomar in Porto when the city was named European Capital of Art (2001).

WORLD ART (international art brokerage), cities of SAPPORO, TOKYO, NAGOYA, KOBE, KYOTO.
It is part of public and private collections: FRANCE, ANTILLES, PORTUGAL, UNITED STATES, SWITZERLAND, FINLAND.

To say a little more:
«I work in the thickness of epoxy resin cast on canvas or wood. I use Moroccan natural

pigments from Marrakech and Ouarzazate.

I always start with the manufacturing and colour dosage.
I don't wonder what I want to tell, I have a visceral need to say in colour.
The resin having proved its worth (paintings on synthetic glass installed outside) I use the same technique on canvas. My experience on synthetic glass allows me to anticipate the effects produced, to be able to drive them and to control them.
I pose, remove, lead, direct and direct my work; the duel is permanent between the latter, which expands, swallows, disperses and, what I absolutely want to reveal.
I work on the shades, the degrees of depth of each color I use. I also combine different techniques: reworked stains, overlapping of several colours before drying, line work.
My sources of inspiration are inspired by Nature in the broadest sense of the word: cosmic, microcosmic, terrestrial, aquatic, human. I'm interested in life.«

Sylvie GEDDA