Jeena Raghavan's Bio


Jeena Raghavan is an artist born in London, England.  She spent her childhood traveling between England and India and is currently based in New York City.  She is a 2018 graduate from the Parsons School of Design, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  

Jeena's inspirations stem from the diverse cultural environments she has been exposed to, and her work is extremely influenced by surrealism.  Her primary medium is oil on canvas, and she also likes to develop illustrations with pen and ink on paper.

Jeena's first painting exhibit, held in London, was entitled "Playing With Lord Ganesha", and debuted when she was eleven years old.  Half of all the proceeds from the show were donated to Agastya International Foundation, a non profit organization devoted to educating underprivileged Indian youth.  Jeena has been involved in many art workshops at the Foundation, teaching children between the ages of 8-13 lessons on color theory and painting techniques.

She has also displayed her work at an exhibit titled "Palette 2014" in Mumbai, India with renowned Indian artists and in 2018, has recently exhibited her photographs in New York City at the Ashok Jain Gallery.