Confluence is the meeting of two rivers or ideas. In this series of paintings, I am exploring the integration of mark making and poured paint. My paintings create flow patterns that stream off the edge on various angles forming movement to the stars or a decent to the earth. My current research is of minerals, and what water carries and reveals from the earth. These flow patterns are made by pouring paint in thin layers so that the various media create resistances and then flow around the objects in their path. I make the metaphor of water patterns to our patterns of behavior and consciousness. If we are in the flow or not and what is blocking our way. Sometimes we need an aid in unblocking our energy, for this I have added gold paint, quartz and ink to the mix. The gold is symbolically conductive, precious and luminous. The glow of gold brings the feeling of enrichment and abundance. In some paintings I mixed the quartz crystals with resin to create a scalar field. When quartz is squeezed it creates a one-second pulsation and is used in watches for keeping time. The second count is not a construct, but a natural rhythm of the universe and helps people to be in synchronicity with the world around them.