Lesya Yanush is a visual artist, born in Ukraine in 1979 and raised in the state of Washington. Her approach to art is different from the traditional creative, retrospective and alive with a voice of its own. An autodidactic, Lesya invented a technique crucial to the autonomy of her work, applying the paint in a structural way, the work an embodiment of texture. The point of the work is to communicate a moment in transition, capturing the energy of time and movement. Not all thoughts are communicated verbally and that is evident in the narratives painted with rich color, depicting the moment of the material and imaterial, tangible and intangible.

As with many things in life, quality comes with time, and one can fall witness to just that in Lesya’s pieces, an evolution through time.

She currently lives and works in New York, NY. And her influences include Peter Doig and Vincent van Gogh.