When making Art in China, content matters.

 If we don’t have the tolerance for or value the content of individual people, Chinese AND Foreign, in China then we all end up living in a world of lies, deception, and illusion.

Chinese thinking can be contemplative and authentic.  However, in most cases, it is a banal habit, ritual, or trick that leads always to the same predictable and inevitable destination: nothingness.

Who is qualified or able in a Capitalist society to determine if that nothingness is authentic or not?

The art I’ve made in China is in a basic sense a way of talking to myself about things that I’ve always known are important but that I had no way to communicate or express to the people or in the environment around me.

We have to learn how to see China clearly. 

We have to learn how to separate the decoration from the space that China gives us and make the most of that space by any means necessary.