What is a  Teacher? 

A good Teacher is someone who in any learning situation or environment facilitates openness rather than imposes or submits to the social and material concerns of the community or society in which he lives.

A good Teacher is not a clown (too much performing, silliness, playing games) or a robot (pretending to be interested, a "nice" guy, standing in front of the classroom looking good).

A good Teacher doesn't over rely on technology or a clever ability to social network.

A good Teacher has taken the time and has the inner strength and courage to develop a mature understanding and appreciation for human growth regardless of cultural and language differences.

I am an Artist and Teacher in China. I continue to ask the questions, "What works?" "What doesn't work?" "What IS work?" "What ISN'T work?" This process of self-reflection can only be done honestly through human effort, discipline, and will.

In my art and life I have and continue to attempt to discover possibilities for growth, understanding, and spirituality amidst simple-minded use of technology, material excess, and social conformity.