What is a healing art?

It’s not the group. It’s not religion. It’s not the martyr.

A healing art is a form of artistic expression that has at its center: acceptance.  It is always growing, deepening, and moving toward a mature, honest, human acceptance of oneself and one’s place in the world. One’s pain. One’s fears. One’s past.

Those individuals who make a healing art are not unhealthily dependent on others nor formally on technique and philosophy (art talk), but instead are guided by feeling and memory, above all, to other forms of inspiration, like Nature, that reflect the healing motivation within themselves.

An authentic global Artist learns from other kinds of people, practices, and culture, but most importantly, through real work, achieves a new space within him or herself to ask the deeper questions, to explore a deeper form of self reflection.

The healing Artist is not a hopeless, desperate, romantic living within and replaying his or her trauma directly or indirectly, but an all too human soul searcher. It is that search that gives his or her life personal meaning and joy.”