“Drift –Float” at the Elga Wimmer PCC, New York, September, 2018 (joint)

 “When the Peony Meets the Poet: A Symphony of Visual Art and Literary Messages,” at Galerie Panisa, Thailand, June, 2017 (solo)

 “Peonies Rhapsody,” at Galleri Terseaus, Stockholm, May, 2016 (solo)

 “Large Format of Art,” at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, October 2015 (joint)

 “The Peony Symphony,” at Baiyaxuan Art Gallery(debuted on March 8 Women’s Festival, Beijing, March 2014) (solo)

Baiyaxuan Art Gallery is the exclusive sales representative gallery for Wu Guanzhong,a founder of modern Chinese painting and the first living Chinese artist to exhibit at the British Museum

Exhibits of Visiting Scholar at the Academy of Art and Designs Tsinghua University, Beijing, June 2009, 2011, 1012 (joint)

 “Five Year Anniversary of China Art” at The China Millennium Monument, Beijing, November 2012 (joint)

 “White Peonies: Pure in Love,” at Asian Art Expo, Guomao Exhibition Hall, Beijing, January 2011 (solo)

 “The Glory of Night Beauties” at Cairn University, USA, 2011 (solo)

 “Eternal Praise of the Night Blooming Cereus” at Philadelphia Biblical University, USA, September 2008 (solo)

 “East and West as thy Neighbors,” at the Academy of Art and Designs, Tsinghua University in April 2007 (solo)

 “Zhouzhuang and Venice: Fusing Chinese and Western Art, Poetry and Calligraphy,” at Burrison Gallery of the University of Pennsylvania, in September 2006 (solo)

 “An Arena of Western and Chinese Delights,” at Friends Select Academy, Philadelphia, February 2006 (solo)

The annual juried art exhibition at Immaculata University Art Show, Pennsylvania, April 7, 2006 (joint)

 “A Window of Color and Life” at Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, February 2005 (solo)

Joint juried exhibit at Smithtown Township [New York] Arts Council from October to December 2005 (juror Claudia Altman-Siegel, director of  Luhring Augustine)

“Vibrancy in Winter,” at Episcopal Academy, Philadelphia, in February 2005 (solo)

Juried Art Exhibition at Yellow Springs Art Show, at Pennsylvania April 2005 and 2004 (joint)