Numerous presentations of seminars in the United States, China, Canada and Switzerland, which include

Western Abstract Expressionism and Chinese Minority Art: Past and Present, Boldness and Delight,” Guizhou Ethnic University, Guiyang, China, June, 2018

“Luminous simplicity of the East and West,” at Galleri Terseaus, Stockholm, May, 2016

 “Peony Memories as Symbolism of East-West Traditional and Contemporary Values,” at Rajabhat University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, June, 2017

 “American Contemporary Art and Fashion,” at Yunnan Ethnic University, Yunnan, China, June, 2016

American Contemporary Art and Its Impact on Fashion Trends,” at Qingdao University, Qingdao, China, May, 2015

“Art Philosophy of the East and West: A Comparative Study of the Greek and Daoist Traditions,” at the Academy of Art and Designs Tsinghua University, March 2013

“Multiculturalism: Forever Heaven and Earth,” at the Museum of Martygn, Switzerland, November 2009

"International Borrowing: Japanese Woodblock Values on Impressionism," at the Asian Studies Development Program National Conference, Chicago, March 2008

“International Crossover: Impressionism and Japanese Woodblock,” at the Free Library of Philadelphia, April 2007 

“Impressionism Rooted in Aesthetics of Japan and China” at Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2006

“East and West Art Movements,” at University of Hawaii, 2007

"Intercultural Crossover in Art between East and West: Investigating Impressionism and Japanese Art," at Japan Studies Association Annual Conference, Hawaii, January 2006

“Humor, Literature, and Chinese Identity,” at 32nd Conference of Association for Asian Studies, Washington D.C., October 2003

“Humor Literature as a Lens to Chinese Identity,” at Asian Studies Development Program 9th Annual National Conference, Arizona, March 2003

“Humor Literature: Lu Hsun's The Diary of Ah Q and Woodblock Prints of His Contemporaries,” at Community College of Philadelphia, April 2003