Recipient of Doctor of Education. Master of Education, Master of Arts from Columbia University

Recipient of Bachelor of Arts from University of Hong Kong

Associate Professor at Community College of Philadelphia

Taught at Long Island University and City College of New York         

Visiting Scholar at the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University   2008-2010   Mentor: Professor Wang Hongjian (Gold medalist of the National Art Exhibition Of China and recipient of the Italian 2015 VX Premio Internazionale “Le Muse” )

Participant in the masters copying program at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC  2010-2011    

Selected to participate at the Fukuoka International Seminar to examine art and culture of China, Japan and Korea 2008

Recipient of Korean Cultural Studies 2007     

Recipient of the Freeman Foundation Scholarship,researched Japanese woodblock art  and Chinese art 2005

Participant of the masterpieces project at the Philadelphia Museum of Art 2013- 2014