At the beginning there was nothing…and then came the Sun…the Wind…and Us.

I am from this century, no better or worse period than any other one gone…and I have still the chance to experience it with a free body, mind and soul.


If life were an illusion, where could one find the meeting point among reality and illusion? I have no answer. My thoughts are living for eternity as a part of the big game.


What about my feelings? They are what I am and depending of reality of life, whilst accepting that everything, relating to the Future, is being created in the future itself, every single second.


What about life? I know that the world will carry on without me one day and still I believe in what I am doing.

Painting is first a material in the process sustaining the vision and this from long time ago when the first sign was drawn on the wall into a cavern…It was really long time ago at the beginning of our humanity. 

Nowadays we are adding time to Time but if our physical time would not be able to include a sensitive division, a flue of creation would be impossible to fulfil the gap of life…

And the most surprising in the process is that I realize at least I am using still the same material from our premier ancestor…

And still following into the process, I realize each time I am part of the ring: I am living in my art as it was the first day of the Hour