Abstract Impressionist -- A Painter Who Loves Color   


My paintings are conversations between my eyes, my head, my heart, my gut, and the canvas in front of me. This is true whether I am painting abstract work from the inside of my head or out of doors.  I paint as result of my radical amazement at the beauty of visual world and my need to turn that experience into paint. Nature is my frame of reference. I paint what nature leaves with me.  I am concerned with light and what light does to color, which is why I call myself an Abstract Impressionist.   I like to entice and engage my viewers, drawing them into a fresh and beautiful world.  I hope my artwork will lead to people noticing the beauty in nature; a healing beauty.


My work is intuitive. I let the process guide me and inform me what the work is about.  It is an emotional conversation of paint-filled brushstrokes and the painting that is being composed on the canvas. I load up my palette, pick up a brush, holding it as a conductor would hold his baton and begin.  I don’t speak to the canvas, instead the canvas speaks to me.   It is a constant back and forth conversation of paint and canvas, painted quickly using emotional sensations rather than an intellectually thought out process. I paint but lose the concept of time.   I am painting from a deeper place, within. Fast, faster, passionately painting, furiously painting.  I cannot get the colors down fast enough, often painting wet on wet.  I am painting from a deeper place. Then suddenly I need air.   I stop and step back to look at my canvas one last time.  The painting is done. 


I paint in acrylics which allows me to record my color impressions quickly. I paint with thick bold, rich color and gestural brushstrokes.  Leaving blank canvas is intentional.  I feel it makes the color more vibrant and blank canvas create a tension between positive and negative space. It lets the painting breathe.  Often the act of painting forms a blank shape on the canvas within the picture plane: something I find visually exciting. I enjoy the process of putting color next to color and that process is the subject matter of the painting.  I title my paintings after I am finished painting. I feel they are lyrical. 

I try to capture the essence in my painting, the color and the emotion, and leave the rest to the viewer's imagination, to bring him into the painting.

Someone once said I work to the muse of Monet, Van Gogh, and Joan Mitchell; I was thrilled. They guided me in the journey to become the artist I am today.