My Art world is entirely derived from the philosophical research in "Ying" and "Yang,” the negative & positive LIFE forces of Cosmos.

Before the general theory of art discussions on formative beauty on every transfiguration, transformation, change, and/or contrast, there is the "Echo of the Light.”   This is the "Sound of Life.”

And my creation is focused to accomplish “Time gap & Light space, the new language”.

Life is the Only Truth in which "Living and Life" are the most important themes beyond all nations, religions, philosophies, and cultures, and is regarded as the most important value of art. Stepping out to seashore in the morning, I see traces of millions of hermit crabs, tiny shellfish, and bugs that have passed by and their nests hidden in the vast tidy seashore. Such traces of life, which are different one another but similar as well, are strongly appealing.

In the arts, the issue of "contrast", that is, mutual contrast among themes, sub-themes, and background; the differences in colors, chrome, brightness, and texture; contrast among diverse people and among heterogeneous cultures that might exist in each separated section in one screen; contrast between machinery and natural things in installation arts and the stories that accompany them - those produce an appealing "formative beauty".

However, I believe these all just come from "breathing living and life". Such contrasts seem to show formative beauty generated from the contrast with numerous different shapes; contrast with colors; and contrast with materials, but there must be a single mono-tone lying beneath the formative beauty, that is, the breathing appealing. It is the "Echo of the Light."