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Chinese New Year part II

Chinese New Year part II exhibition


Reception : February 18th 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Chenlin Cai



Yang Chen Hua


Yi Ju Hsieh


Allan Chu


Ashok Jain Gallery is pleased to announce Sanctuary, an exhibition that examines intrapersonal relationships and material symbolism. The show brings together four emerging artists from Taiwan and China. Sanctuary will be running from February 18th to March 4th, with an opening reception on February 18th, from 3PM to 6PM.

Included in the exhibition are collagraphs by Yang Chen-Hua (b. 1980, Taiwan). His charming and intimate prints of found objects and trinkets are an exploration of emotional attachments attributed to objects by people. And the ways in which objects can harbor historical significance and be vessels for memory. Also included are the vibrant and oft-psychedelic paintings by Hsieh Yi-Ju (b. 1983, Taiwan). Her palette and subjects, usually animals and young children in a backdrop of evergreen, evoke innocent escapism from the constrictions of modern society. And Chu Chung-Yung (b.1970, Taiwan), whose delicate ink drawings of canines celebrate the coming the year of the dog.

Also featuring in the show will be Chenlin Cai (b. 1984, China) who recently had his first solo exhibition at Ashok Jain Gallery, and will once again be presenting his stunning phantom like paintings. His translucent oil paintings painted on various materials such as milar, plexiglass, and LED light panels weave narratives about the consequences of human behavior on our environment.