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The Inner World in Outwardly Expressions

Jeena Raghavan

Lindsay Allen

Andrea Laybauer

Bjorn Malm

Reception June 1st  6 - 8 PM

Ashok Jain Gallery is pleased to present The Inner World in Outwardly Expressions, an exhibition of works by Lindsay Allen, Andrea Laybauer, Bjorn Malm, and Jeena Raghavan.

Lindsay Allen, a New York-based artist, uses acrylic and other materials such as glitter and beads to create colorful compositions that give the viewer a glance into the artist's world.  Allen draws inspiration from the stars and galaxies, and possesses a firm belief that art should be discovered, explored, and figured out on one's own.

Andrea Laybauer, a Brazil-based artist, uses macrophotography and high-speed photography to capture what can be considered "the hidden world".  By shooting little drops of liquids, Laybauer is inspired by and in awe of the invisible world that surrounds us, and what can happen in a fraction of time that is beyond what we can see.

Bjorn Malm, a Sweden-based artist, uses a variety of materials to create his works.  By painting directly on bodies and using them as prints on his canvases, he is able to create bold patterns that lay on top of textured backgrounds to give them dimensionality.  Working in materials such as acrylic, sugar, glue, and plastic on both paper and canvas, Malm's paintings and sculptures give the viewer an unusually direct connection to their subjects, while still bringing the artist's vision alive.

Jeena Raghavan, a New York-based artist, draws inspiration from the diverse cultural environments she has been exposed to throughout her life.  She primarily uses oil on canvas to create vibrant works that are heavily influenced by surrealism.

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