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Only in Times Square


Space B

William Jefferson


Reception June 29th 6 - 8 PM


Ashok Jain Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Bill Jefferson entitled “Only in Times Square”.  Jefferson has worked and painted in San Francisco since 1971.  Starting in 1988, he has focused on urban landscapes, working primarily in oil and ceramics. Through his many commercial jobs over the years—mainly in window and interior design—Bill Jefferson has sharpened his sense of material and increased his appreciation of the inherent properties of his two primary mediums. 

Following his series of urban rain-scapes from the 1990’s and his work based on his own photographs, Jefferson has come to concentrate on the reflections found in windows, cars, and revolving glass doors. Jefferson’s favorite technique is using a zoom lens to compress depth and increase the level of reflective distortion in his photographs.

Jefferson sites his three primary interests in painting as “the human form, reflections, and the ways that different kinds of light delineate both”. Since moving to New York, he has never found a lack of new material to fulfill these interests.  His move to New York has inspired him to create the paintings in this show which capture the wonderful reflections of city life through a revolving door and display crowds of colorful people on Times Square’s famous red steps.  The movement and expression present throughout Jefferson’s paintings exquisitely captures the excitement and chaos that is Times Square.  

Bill Jefferson’s work has been exhibited throughout San Francisco and New York City.  He believes one of the biggest rewards of being an artist is wondering what he will come up with next.