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New Arts Prospect: Artists From Japan Series V 2018

Special summer exhibition:

New Arts Prospect:  Artists From Japan Series V, 2018

The Contest in New York

New York is a city where the top artists of the world have long coexisted, creating much diversity of art. The series New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan is currently in its fifth year, having started in 2014.  Although only in its fifth year, the exhibition is already well established and attracts a lot of attention. Its purpose is to introduce popular Japanese artists who are well known and respected in Japan to new audiences in New York City.

The exhibition, held yearly in the summer, has been highly rated year after year since its inception. Its purpose is to attract art loving New Yorker's who have a good eye for skillful work. It will especially attract anyone who has an appreciation for the particular unique expressions behind the Japanese cultural background and it's delicate and elaborate techniques.  The artworks in the exhibition reveal a deep commitment and a high quality of artistry by their creators.

New Arts Prospect: Artists from Japan will be held in a contest style with selected works judged by New York art professionals. This year, in cooperation with DESSART that is a nonprofit art organization in Japan, the artist who wins the grand prize will also be awarded an opportunity to hold a solo exhibition.

This exhibition plays an important role as an event for international cultural exchange between Japan and the U.S.A. It also further develops the Japanese art scene in New York and helps the artists with their career growth and exposure to new audiences. Regardless of professional or any status, we are looking for participants who embody positive and passionate action and share it with the world through their art. There is also a prize to be awarded for the design of an Eco Bag produced and sold by the non-profit organization DESSART.

It is expected that this exhibition will create a wave of popularity in the New York art scene through the influx of passionate and skillful Japanese artist's and their works.

Part 2: August 8th(Wed.) – August 19th (Sun.)

Opening reception: August 9thThursday, 6pm-8pm

Participating artists

Daisuke Hara, Fumiaki Asai, Hiroki Murata, Issei Suzuki, Junichi Ito, 

Kiyokazu Ito, Madoka Suzuki, Masatsugu Kinoue, Mayuko Hayashi, 

Michiko Motoya, Mika Isohata, Misako Matsumoto, Monzo Watanabe, 

Motoko Ogawa, Naoto Okuda, Reiko Furukawa, Sakiko Toyama,

Sumie Chiba, Taichi Hara, Tomoko Suzuki, Yoko Nakanishi, Yoshihiro Kogure

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