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Autonomous Reflections

Autonomous Reflections

Carlo Alacchi

Space B

Reception Sep 7th 6 - 8 PM

Ashok Jain Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Carlo Alacchi entitled “Autonomous Reflections.”  Carlo Alacchi was born and raised in Montreal, QC, Canada and also spent time in Italy growing up.  He studied at Concordia University in various styles of theatre, which has molded his fields of expression.  His interest in drawing started after his studies in acting.  Alacchi believes in the concept that colors, inside the figurative forms and outside in the environment, are the same ones only differently assembled.  His inspiration is that there are only three colors, all playing, originally together, in all life, making all forms and all textures.
To Alacchi, art is an homage to how diverse the world is.  His drawings and paintings create vibrant, expressive characters.  He begins a drawing in parts, which eventually develop into a figure that resembles people he may have ran into at the store or on the street.  In each of his pieces, he aims to include the feelings inside, systems, consciousness, relation, and movement.  He also creates some tactile art, which he invites the viewer to touch.  Alacchi wants people to be able to sense the feeling of the painting, the textures, the rhythm of the brush, and the shapes which represent the inspiration beyond just the visual.
In addition to his drawings and paintings, Carlo has also accumulated many film and television credits, as well as work in cartoons, video games, commercials, and theatre.    
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